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Implementing TRMs for Waterway Stability: A Deep Dive into Propex Pyramat 75/Armormax System

Waterways are essential components of our environment, providing habitat for diverse ecosystems, recreational opportunities, and crucial water resources. However, these valuable assets are often at risk of erosion and degradation due to various factors such as water flow dynamics, sediment movement, and human activities. To address these challenges, innovative solutions like Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) have emerged as effective tools for stabilizing waterway banks and preventing erosion over the long term. In this article, we will explore the benefits of utilizing TRMs as permanent erosion control solutions along waterways, supported by case studies and data from Propex Global, a leading manufacturer of TRM products.

The Role of TRMs in Waterway Stabilization

TRMs are specialized erosion control products designed to provide long-term stability and protection to soil surfaces, particularly in areas prone to erosion. They consist of synthetic or natural materials that are engineered to promote vegetation growth while providing immediate erosion control benefits. TRMs offer a versatile solution for stabilizing waterway banks, preventing soil erosion, and enhancing habitat conservation along riverbanks, lakeshores, and other aquatic environments.

Propex Pyramat 75 HPTRM Properties

According to data provided by Propex Global, the Pyramat 75 High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) offers several key properties essential for waterway stabilization:

  • Provides permanent erosion protection for up to 75 years.

  • Highly UV stabilized for applications with little or no vegetation.

  • Outlasts other slope reinforcement methods, yielding significant cost savings.

  • Withstands both hydraulic and non-hydraulic stresses.

  • Reinforces vegetation and promotes sustainable aquatic habitats.

(Source: Propex Global Data Sheet - Link)

Case Studies

  • Palazzo Drive Bridge Crossing, Frisco, Texas:

  • Problem: Heavy rainfall and offsite drainage caused slope failure along the underpass of Palazzo Drive

  • Solution: ARMORMAX® 75 Engineered Earth Armoring Solution was chosen for repair and protection due to its lower cost, faster installation, and aesthetic benefits.

  • Installation Performance: ARMORMAX® 75 provided roadway and bridge embankment stabilization with significant time and cost savings.

(photo: Armormax system installed at Frisco,TX Palazzo Drive)

  • Josey Place Apartments Drainage Channel, Texas:

  • Problem: Severe erosion due to rising water volume that threatened the embankment of the drainage channel.

  • Solution: ARMORMAX® 75 Engineered Earth Armoring Solution was selected for its cost-effectiveness and compatibility with other best management practices.

  • Installation Performance: ARMORMAX® 75 provided quick and permanent erosion protection, resulting in stabilized embankments that are aesthetically pleasing and maintainable.

(photo: Armormax system installed at Josey Place Apartments Carrollton,TX)

Technical Specifications of Propex Pyramat 75 HPTRM

The Pyramat 75 HPTRM, as detailed in the data sheet provided by Propex Global, offers a comprehensive set of technical specifications essential for effective waterway stabilization. With a mass/unit area of 14.0 oz/sy (475 g/m2) and a thickness of 0.40 inches (10.2 mm), the Pyramat 75 HPTRM provides a robust physical barrier against soil erosion. Its high tensile strength, measured at 4,000 x 3,000 lb/ft (58.4 x 43.8 kN/m), ensures durability and resilience even in high-flow environments.

Furthermore, the Pyramat 75 HPTRM demonstrates excellent UV resistance, with over 90% retention of UV resistance after 10,000 hours of exposure, making it suitable for long-term outdoor applications. Its fire resistance properties, as tested according to FMVSS 302 standards, ensure safety and reliability in fire-prone areas. Additionally, the Pyramat 75 HPTRM is available in green or tan colors to complement the natural surroundings and maintain aesthetic harmony along waterways.

These technical specifications underscore the suitability of Pyramat 75 HPTRM for waterway stabilization projects, providing engineers and environmental professionals with the confidence that their erosion control measures will deliver lasting protection and environmental benefits. By harnessing the advanced engineering and durability of Pyramat 75 HPTRM, stakeholders can achieve sustainable waterway management practices that preserve ecosystems, protect infrastructure, and promote community well-being for generations to come.

TRMs offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for addressing erosion challenges along waterways. Supported by data from Propex Global and real-world case studies, the effectiveness of TRMs as permanent erosion control solutions is evident. By incorporating TRMs into waterway stabilization projects, communities can preserve the integrity of aquatic environments, protect valuable infrastructure, and promote long-term environmental sustainability.

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